Grow Aiken

Our Mission is:

  • To transform communities of poor health into communities of vibrant health through empowering nutritional education

  • Creating a healthy relationship with local foods

  • And fostering peer-supported positive behavioral choices

Our Goals are:

  • Improve Diabetes Statistics and increase the number of Diabetes Educators 
  • Help children with obesity, pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Improve the terrible health sequelae (SC top in the nation for amputations of limbs due to diabetes)
  • Decrease the amount of lost productive years and grieving families from early deaths and hard illness
  • Provide monetary  compensation in addition to decreasing the amount of suffering — money that can be spent on other things that we need
  • Reduce hospital admissions
  • Improve HbA1c levels (three month average of blood sugar)
  • Reduce obesity

How are We Going to do this?

With a battalion of trained Health Coaches who will:

  • Provide Community Education & Outreach Programs on diabetes and obesity in all communities with planned health coaching sites
  • Establish multiple Group and Individual Health Coaching Programs at each community site (12 bi-weekly classes/six months of each course)
  • Increase access to and consumption of inexpensive fresh fruits and vegetables, especially using efficient and easy to plant/maintain/harvest keyhole gardens
  • Outreach van with mobile teaching kitchen unit equipped with food pantry for client and health coach recruitment and offsite classes.
  • Contracts with teaching sites for health coaching programs and gardens
  • Recruit and contract with 30+ health coach students to completing health coaching coursework and serve initially as para-professionals, then health coaches in local communities.
  • Build, plant and maintain Keyhole Gardens at each course site and coordinate construction of keyhole gardens at client homes, schools and other community sites. 
  • Implement teleconference training sessions for health coaching and community outreach.

How Can You Help?

  • We need referrals and we are starting NOW, even before the grant begins
  • Help with the Costs & Arrangements
  • Becoming a health coach
  • Helping tell the story
  • Learn about Keyhole Gardens — Workshop – and building your own!!!
  • Become part of the health solution …

Our Partners

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